Tommie Maldonado, 

President FLCVSOA 

Orange County

Being in the military is demanding and sometimes dangerous. Being a VETERAN is often lonely. Previously, very little was available to the VETERAN in the way of information relating to benefits for the VETERAN and his/her family. Not until the enactment of Florida Statute 292.11 of 1945, was the way cleared to have a trained proficient County Service Officer in each of Florida's 67 Counties.

The Veteran's benefits landscape requires trained personnel to advise and inform today's Veteran customers how to best submit a claim to the VA, what to submit for evidence, and how to word their claims, providing the fairest possible results with the highest degree of possibility for a successful outcome.

VA procedures change constantly, which include making services more computerized, more consolidated leading to a more expeditious, decision making process. Seeking the assistance of your highly qualified and accredited County Veterans Services Officer, is in your best interest for your individual claim or appeal.  

Florida County Veterans Service Officer Association

Veteran Service Officers Working Hard For You