Tommie Maldonado, 

President FLCVSOA 

Orange County

Veteran Service Officers Working Hard For You

Florida County Veterans Service Officer Association

Being in the military is demanding and sometimes dangerous. Being a VETERAN is often lonely. Previously, very little was available to the VETERAN in the way of information relating to benefits for the VETERAN and his/her family. Not until the enactment of Florida Statute 292.11 of 1945, was the way cleared to have a trained proficient County Service Officer in each of Florida's 67 Counties.

The Veteran's benefits landscape requires trained personnel to advise and inform today's Veteran customers how to best submit a claim to the VA, what to submit for evidence, and how to word their claims, providing the fairest possible results with the highest degree of possibility for a successful outcome.

VA procedures change constantly, which include making services more computerized, more consolidated leading to a more expeditious, decision making process. Seeking the assistance of your highly qualified and accredited County Veterans Services Officer, is in your best interest for your individual claim or appeal.